About us

Ut & Njut Äventyr Älvdalen AB

We are an outdoor guide company based i Älvdalen in one of Sweden’s most beautiful regions called Dalarna. The company is founded by the Swedish outdoor guides Maria Olsson and Erik “Bamse” Persson and we specialize in nature tourism, outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain safety, wilderness first aid and bushcraft.

” Ut & Njut” is a classic Swedish expression of going outdoors and enjoy nature and life, but for us it is also a way of life – we want nature to be a place where one can be oneself and just be without any demands. Life should be simple and enjoyable.

How to find us

We do not have a set location where you can visit us, but we are based in the area of Älvdalen, in the region of Dalarna, Sweden. You can get to us by car or from Sweden’s bigger cities such as Stockholm you can reach by bus or train to Mora and then bus from Mora to Älvdalen. But, take a note that public transportation and taxis in our area can sadly be limited and we cannot offer transfer at the moment.

Contact us if you want to get outside and enjoy life!

Maria & Erik, Ut & Njut Äventyr

Email us: info@utochnjutaventyr.com or call 0046703819777.

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